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The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Grey rainy day – rather lovely when it’s rainy trees and hedges you’re looking at, not rainy streets.

Sharky has started going out by himself and comes back alright, so that’s a relief. Mum said I shouldn’t let him go out at night for a while. As Sharky and I are the upstairs tenants in her house now, what I usually do is sleep with my bedroom door open; he can snore on my bed or go out to his litter box in the next room. Mum’s room is downstairs and a door in the hall is kept shut so that Sharky can’t get to the cat-flap in the kitchen.

Well – that’s how it was. But last night Mum said that Sharky was coming downstairs and scrabbling at her door, shouting about how he wanted to go outside, just when she was getting off to sleep.

I said that would probably be around the time he kept running into my room and stamping about on my bed in a rage, waking me when I was just getting off to sleep. He was pestering both of us. I said I would shut him in my room.

The experiment failed, of course. For the following reasons:

(1) The room was hot and stuffy.
(2) While I had my lamp on, reading a book, Sharky started scratching at the door.
(3) I ignored him, so then he jumped into his litter box and did a really ripe pongy poo.
(4) Then he jumped on my bed with stamping paws, and glared down at me with flint green eyes. The message was clear: “I will trample you all night till you give me my freedom.”

I sneaked downstairs and opened the hall door so that he could go out to the kitchen cat-flap. After that, all was peace – he didn’t actually spend much time outdoors; he just wanted his own way. Next day I asked Mum if he was howling and bothering her again, and she said no, all was quiet.

One thing about the rain, though – he doesn’t want to stay out there very long as he doesn’t have his own house at the bottom of the garden any more.

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1. pete wrote at Aug 14, 2007 at 22:11: nice to read sharky is settling in



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