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Roaming Around

I’ve been roaming round the blogs again, building up the following piece by piece. The links are accompanied by my own comments.

Cake Baking (The Quacks of Life)

This story from Pete takes the cake! I thought it only happened in cat-showing. Fusspot had this happen to him because he was pale, shy, ‘woolly’ (lovely soft fur) and had a squint. I agreed with everything except the squint (he never had one, as borne out by other judges both on that day and later) – but his breeder Kristin suggested he was staring at the judge’s nose.

“You’re dismissed” (Andrea’s Buzzing About)

Have sometimes felt this way. Had to go to meetings even if I didn’t follow a word that was said – “we’re a team – you’ve got to show up.” You’re not allowed to sit this experience out because you’re part of the team, but the team, in return, invalidates you, wastes your time and drains your energy.

An Open Letter (The Blue Door)

Mum stopped with a jerk in the middle of Woolworth and said “I’m not USUALLY so irritable! But people today are not budging, even when they know you’re there.” She added that kids barge in front of you (or into you) and the parents don’t check them. That reminded me of one time when we were weaving our way through the crowd and passed a small family group. A lovely clear space opened up just ahead of me. “Thank goodness,” I thought, starting to step out, the winds of freedom blowing through my hair – and one of the kids behind me put on speed, dodged ahead, and joyfully skipped along the paving stones just in front of me.

I struggled past him (again), and Mum turned round with a smile, and said “did you see the monkey?”
“Yes,” I said, “though perhaps not the one you mean.”
Turns out she was talking about a stuffed toy monkey tied to the front of a bin lorry. I saw that too, a week later.

Affluence (The Blue Door)

It seems that the less one has, the more worthless one is believed to be. Wealth is a status symbol – “you have all this because you are of great value to society.” That’s why it’s so humbling to have less than the next person – even if you value yourself and your own station in life, you know that others will see you as being less valuable. Yet who decided what was valuable and what was not?

The 20 Blogging Commandments (Letters Home to You)

Found the above link on Snoskred’s blog. Very enjoyable. I find it’s good (as suggested) just to relax and take things at your own speed.

Comment for this entry (during its previous life in Blogigo):

1. Ian wrote at Jul 17, 2007 at 00:09: hi diddums,
glad you liked my blogging “commandments” which are not to be taken to the letter of course. I like your take on friendship in regard to this.
take care,
ian in hamburg



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