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I liked Geosomin’s latest entry on Spiderman – I Heart Peter Parker. She was a cooler kid than I was, with a poster of Spiderman on her bedroom ceiling. I didn’t have posters before I was a teenager; if I had, they would have been of Peter Pan. I wanted to be Wendy, and sew his shadow back on.

I didn’t know who or what Spiderman was, and when he finally made it onto my radar, he took a lot of explaining.
“What was that?!”
“He’s just a man.”
“But how…?”
“An ordinary man in a suit, climbing up buildings.”

As far as I was concerned, ‘ordinary men’ didn’t do those kinds of things. Peter Pan I understood – Spiderman was plain peculiar.

My grandmother was always telling me that the monsters and things on TV were just ordinary men, which made me more confused. In particular, I remember a conversation about a monster on Star Trek. It was a white, hairy yeti-type monster who was blundering around after the crew of the Enterprise on a rocky planet. This was worrying me, so my grandmother said “it’s all right, it’s just a man in a suit.”
“Do the other men know?”
“Yes, but they’re pretending they don’t know.”
“If he’s just a man and not a monster, why is he chasing the other men?”
“He’s just pretending. They’re ALL just pretending.”

It never did make any sense. Meanwhile, I was keen to sew fairies’ shadows back on, but they never came to my window. It was very sad.

Comments for this entry (during its previous life on Blogigo):

1. Pacian wrote at May 8, 2007 at 10:24: You have to leave nuts and cheese for them. They’re very particular about it.

2. Geosomin wrote at May 8, 2007 at 22:05: I hear they’re partial to icing sugar…

If I were little I’m afraid your grandmother would make me so confused …:). What did she think of Doctor Who? My grandpa was into the old radio mysteries like The Shadow and such…he thought the tv monsters were too hokey. When I tried to get him to watch scifi with me he’d always say ” What is that? Go read a book! It’s always better in your head”. Comics too…well he thought they were bad for the imagination…he couldn’t get over why they’d wear funny suits…although my stories on vinyl of Batman and Superman were OK…likely because they were audio only I suppose.

As for me, I was always peeking in wardrobes hoping I’d find a path to Narnia. I read the Narnia books a zillion stimes as a girl. I can’t even imagine growing up as a kid with Harry Potter to dream about…I mean as an adult I’ve gotten lost in them at times. I’ve thought about it recently…I’m sure I’d major in potions.

3. Diddums wrote at May 9, 2007 at 14:28: I never thought of baiting the fairies – probably just as well, as there would have been a lot of olives and things mouldering on the window sill.

My grandmother watched Doctor Who too – I was one of those hiding behind the sofa merely at the sound of the theme music. I don’t know if today’s Doctor Who theme music is anything like that – I only know I’m ignorant of it… maybe it’s too quiet for me. But if they’ve lost that, they’ve lost a major part of the atmosphere.

I don’t think she had to explain any of Doctor Who to me as I generally refused to watch it. :-).

Ah – the wardrobe! I did that too. I never thought of what it must be like to grow up fantasizing about being a witchling or junior warlock at Hogwarts. There’s a lot there to dream about, but I probably wouldn’t have anything to do with the sports; looks too violent to me. :-0.



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