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One Day My Painter Will Come

The following is a conversation Mum had with one of her acquaintances:

Acquaintance: I’ve just had my house redecorated and it’s looking very nice.

Mum: I will have to switch to your painter. I asked mine to do my porch – two years later, I’m still waiting.

Acquaintance: Oh dear! I’m very lucky because my painter is my son-in-law. He keeps my house fresh and bright – whenever I need a spot of redecorating, all I have to do is drop him a line.

Mum: I wish your son-in-law would come and do mine. Who is he?

Acquaintance: I’m sure he would be happy to help out. His name is Jimmy Blog.

Mum: Oh! You tell Jimmy Blog I’ve been waiting two years for him to come and do my porch!

Acquaintance: Whoops – I will speak to him and let him know.

A wee while later…

Mum: She talked to Jimmy Blog about my porch, and he said he’s been a bit busy but has been thinking about me. She seemed quite amused by the whole thing.

Me: She would probably also be amused to know that I’ve got his old Ladybird books. I bought them in a charity shop (Sleeping Beauty etc) and they have his name inside.

Mum: Well it might amuse her but wouldn’t amuse him.

The delights of a small town…

Comments for this entry (during its previous life on Blogigo):

1. kateblogs wrote at Mar 30, 2007 at 16:57: He’s been busy for two years but he has been thinking about your Mum – I’m sure that makes her feel so much better LOL

2. Diddums wrote at Mar 30, 2007 at 23:13: I still haven’t seen any tins of paint around her house – except for the ones we used ourselves in my bedroom.

3. Geosomin wrote at Apr 2, 2007 at 17:25: Sounds like my friend’s husband – he’s a painter who’s always looking for extra work, except for whenever I’ve tried to hire him…:)

I usually end up doing it myself…and everyone is polite enough to not laugh at the results…well so far anyways. I suspect that they don’t want to help so they keep their mouths shut !

4. Diddums wrote at Apr 2, 2007 at 20:50: Maybe painters are affected by the brain fumes, hence their poor memories!

The other bit sounds a little like me (not being fond of painting), except I kept saying “hey, there’s a patchy bit over there,” and Mum said “well, YOU paint over it, then” – so I did. Problem was, we had a nice luminous tinge-of-pink white paint, and underneath was a quiet, muted green – but that green kept showing through. We were only supposed to need two coats of paint, but ended up slapping on three.



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