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A Few Oddities

We were in our favourite café today, talking. One of my sister’s kittens has just been returned to her because an adult cat in the household was turning on it. We never give up on integrating cats who are just grumpy, but this sounds worse – the established cat simply will not accept the kitten, and could potentially kill or injure it. The would-be owner is very upset, but there’s no way (of course) that she would think of rehoming the older cat in order to keep the kitten.

Moving on from discussion of the kitten, Mum said “I hope Sharky will settle in alright with mine,” and I said “that’s why I chose him when I had three older cats at home. He’s confident and easy-going. He knows how to fit in.”
“Yes,” said Mum, “but it’s Grumpy I’m worried about. Cheeky, hopefully, will see Sharky as an amusement.”
“Thanks very much!” I said, and Mum sniggered.

Cheeky sees everybody and everything as an amusement. The entire planet spins on its axis to keep her entertained.

I should mention again that these bad cat names are made up purely to protect the identities of the innocent and not-so-innocent.

When I got home I decided to have a haircut – an artistic bob Chez Diddums. It’s not too bad – short and cool at the back and fairly full at the front. Certainly better than it looked ten minutes before. But my scissors were a bit more vicious than I realized and I had to stop in the middle of the haircut to bind up my thumb.

Sometimes I wonder about my palate – things that make other people go ‘yeeeeurghhh’ have me licking my lips. I made a spoonful of dressing yesterday for my cous cous with roast vegetables. The dressing was made out of white wine vinegar and mustard, and was quite sharp, but I kept sipping what remained of it every time I went past.

Who drinks vinegar?? Maybe I’m missing an important mineral.

A couple of days ago I bought a chunk of soft cappuccino cheese from the delicatessen section in Morrison’s. I gave half to Mum, and she says she hasn’t gathered the courage to try it yet. I said “think of cheesecake and flip it round,” but I don’t know if she caught what I was saying. Cappuccino cheese – what’s not to love?



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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