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I’m quiet because I’m

Fur AbstractI made some wallpapers for it and keep ‘seeing’ more wherever I look. I’m frustrated by all the possible permutations one could have of a particular picture… I wish we could capture them all, but it’s not possible.

I realize it’s a silly thing to wish for. Supposing it was possible to set a computer to provide and store every single possible picture or piece of artwork, good or bad, there would be nothing left for anybody to do. All the photographers and artists would be stuck. If you painted something and said “look what I created,” somebody would say “oh yes, that’s Flower Painting Number 313330077278297 – I was looking at it on the Computerized Artwork Database (CAD) only last week.”

Blogs are the same, maybe – all those perfect blog posts that never made it into existence for one reason or another. Depending on when a blog post was written, it arrives in just one permutation of how you could have written it. I often plan blog posts in my head… then sit down and type something completely different, using different words.

This post was going to be about packing up for a house move.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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