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Tempus Fugit

Sitting with Mum the other day, I was talking about our future plans, and what we could do about this or that. Suddenly she stopped me short with: “Remember I’m getting old. You will have to do such and such if I pop off.”

It’s not the first time she’s said it, and she always seems to come up with it just as I’m getting enthusiastic about something. Nothing bursts your bubble quicker.

“WHY do you keep saying that?” I burst out. “I know you’re getting old! I don’t need to be reminded!”
“I have to remind everybody.”
“But why?”
“There are some ladies down at the Bridge Club who are younger than me, and they keep saying they’re too old to do stuff, and they sit and let me do all the work. They all think I’m younger than I am. So I’ve started telling them.”

I stamped off to the kitchen, returning with tea and biscuits.

Mum sat forwards eagerly. “Well, this is what we can do. We can do this, and that, and the other, and maybe we could…”
She went on like this for some time, and when she finally stopped, I said, “Tell me again, why do you have to remind people you’re getting old?”
“Now YOU’RE talking about it all the time!” she screamed. Then we both chuckled.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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