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Blogging Values

It strikes me that we have something important to say some of the time, and other times we are just marking time, like in life. It would be exhausting if we had something of great note to say in each and every post. On the other hand, we don’t want people to wonder where we have got to (while we’re brewing up the next item of gleaming worth) and give up visiting our blogs.

Just now I was rejecting something I wrote which was grey and formless to my eyes – more so than usual. But I still believe that blogs are living and breathing entities – not polished gems of perfection. Blogs reflect the nature of their writers and the lives they are living. Blogs are only human – and mine says it’s time I put up the tree!

Alright, alright… (stamping off).

Edit Feb 2008: Some of these old blog posts wouldn’t be a fraction of what they are without the thoughtful comments from readers of this blog!

1. Pete wrote at Dec 18, 2006 at 20:23:
I don’t do polished. I just waffle!! you bought Jolly a pressie yet 🙂

2. KatieK wrote at Dec 18, 2006 at 20:47:
I find it mystifying what other people find interesting in a post. Sometimes I will write what I think is VERY interesting and no one will comment on it, while other times I will post something I think is boring, filler really, and get 10 comments. Photographs are popular, as are posts about Turkish food, but other than that, I have no idea. In the end, I just post about things that amuse me.

3. Bunnyman wrote at Dec 19, 2006 at 02:31:
For me, a good blog is a bit like a good back street bookshop. Even if you can’t find a riveting novel, it’s still a lovely, friendly place just to spend a little time, to relax.

I generally grow attached to the style and voice of the writer and it’s as much this as the content that keeps me reading. From where I stand, your judgement of what to post and how often works just fine, whether “grey and formless” (not words I’d use here) or otherwise. I’m a hard reader to shake off, you see 🙂

But in this post you do show your skill as a writer because while I smile to read of your stamping, you’ve made an interesting point.

“blogs are living and breathing entities – not polished gems of perfection. Blogs reflect the nature of their writers and the lives they are living.”

Beautifully said. The blogs I like to read show glimpses of what is in the writer’s mind and sometimes these glimpses come from stories about very ordinary things.

I do find though, that the view looking out is quite different from the view looking in, so your post and the response I find myself giving to it provide constructive exercise for my dull and lethargic grey matter.

Shame the grey matter tires so easily these days. Time for a nap. Nighty nite.

4. Diddums wrote at Dec 21, 2006 at 14:33:
You have a good point about the ‘blog voice’ – that’s what locks me in, no matter what observation attracted me in the first place.

It worries me when I find blogs that say they would never stoop to everyday mundanities. I find that if a blog is purely newsy or purely something else, I lose interest pretty quickly. There has to be a draw, and it’s the humanity of the blog (or the ‘voice’) that works for me. The ‘mundanities’ are probably the best way for that voice to show itself.

I guess there would be exceptions to this rule (as always!) But I’ve always been more attracted to the books and stories (and blogs) that ‘ground’ me – give me something to identify with.



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