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Learned from the Men in My Life

I found this meme on Timorous Beastie’s site and couldn’t resist. It’s to be given in alphabetical order, but I split my response into two sections.

Learned from Men in My Life

Air Supply
Anna Ling, and other Asian singers whose names I don’t even know
better Scrabble techniques
blues music
Brasher boots
Camera obscura
Don Martin
hot honey drink
In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins
Jurassic Park
leather wrist bands
Lenny Kravitz
Mad Max
“Michelle Pfeiffer has a face like a duck… cute!”
not to send annoying ‘cliffhanger’ emails that say things like “guess what??” then wait for a response
Pink Floyd

The Water People by Joe Simpson (of Touching the Void fame)

Things They Failed to Teach Me

3-D noughts and crosses
an appreciation of guitar riffs

a proper respect for:

  • Demi Moore
  • Imogen Stubbs
  • Julia Roberts
  • Mariah Carey’s singing

a suitable disregard for:

avoiding clichés such as ‘basically’ and ‘not to mention’
chrysanthemum tea
electric guitar
Gin Rummy
heights and windy hills
Jimi Hendrix
Munro bagging
Not the Nine O’Clock News
playing frisbee on an overcrowded beach
Tom Sharpe
touring ancient ruined heaps with worn steps winding eternally up the middle
using Chinese chopsticks
writing Chinese characters



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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