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Kicked in the Teeth

Jolly the Trolley - grey wheely suitcase with a cheerful grin Some days ago I was in town with Jolly the Trolley. He is very noisy and can never tiptoe anywhere. I passed a couple who ‘froze’, and I turned to look at them, and the woman was glaring down as though to say “what is that AWFUL thing?” She probably knew I was looking at her, but that was the whole point – she didn’t want to catch my eye or speak to me, but she wanted me to see she thought Jolly shouldn’t be let loose on the streets – in fact she probably considered I shouldn’t be, either. Awful woman.

Oh, wait a minute – “who am I to judge?” It can be hard to remind myself of that; maybe she was having a bad day too.

Edit Feb 2008: some time after this humbling incident, Jolly the Trolley retired – replaced by a larger, quieter trolley with less character.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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