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All I Want for Christmas

I paid attention to Snoskred. Instead of wrapping myself in silence, I put a CD on.

And I said
Could it be me, could it really really be?
Over and over

Don’t turn me away
And don’t let me down
What can I do
To keep you around?

from Over and Over by Fleetwood Mac

I was just sitting down to type this when the doorbell went. It’s black outside, but only half past six in the evening. It made both me and the cats jump, and I said “rats!” and scowled, but answered the door as pleasantly as I could.

It was a sales consultant – at least, that’s what it said on his badge. He showed me a large brass plaque with a house number and a frilly black iron edge. I was on the point of saying “thanks but no,” without even listening, but when I saw him holding the house number against my house (was it preening and begging for a mirror?), I smiled and said “it’s very nice! …but no thanks.”

The salesman didn’t seem very surprised, and just hoofed it without further urging, which was rather nice too, but maybe he was dying to get home for a hot drink. I’m used to a little more dragging of heels from salesmen, but then they usually arrive when it’s still light.

As I closed the door, I couldn’t help chuckling, as I had reminded myself of the most unlikely character – Korben from The Fifth Element, who is played by Bruce Willis. He answers his door to find himself being held at gunpoint by an opportunist mugger wearing a picture on his head (which I think is supposed to look like an empty hallway when you look through the eyeglass in the door). Korben gets the gun off him without further ado, and then smiles charmingly, saying “nice hat.”
“Oh, so glad you like it!” burbles the mugger.

I know Korben doesn’t have the following problem, though – the doorbell interrupted my letter to Santa Claus.

I used to have a clipboard for writing in bed – I miss it. I don’t like to rest on the backs of books, because you can see the imprint of the writing on the covers. I’ve never understood folks who think a book is a fine mug coaster.

So the following is my Christmas Wish List:

  • clipboard

I couldn’t think of anything else. Not even a moleskine notebook – just a clipboard will do me fine, Santa. Oh by the way – nice hat.

Edit Feb 2008: Comments for this entry when it was hosted by Blogigo:

1. Snoskred wrote at Nov 10, 2006 at 07:42:
Good on you for taking the advice.. 🙂 If you check my page you can always see what I have been listening to. I think that site is amazingly useful because I can make sure I am listening to something every day and it keeps track of it all for me.. 😉

I used to have real trouble sleeping, and someone gave me that advice of keeping a notebook by the side of the bed and writing down the thoughts you kept thinking when you couldn’t sleep. On the inside, I rolled my eyes and sort of went yeah *right* that’ll work, NOT while thanking the person for their advice. But then later that day I figured, nothing else is working for me, I’ll give it a try.

Surprisingly it worked amazingly, and I now have a record of some of the incredibly stupid things I used to think to keep myself from going to sleep. I believe the *most* stupid was this somewhat persistent thought about 3am one morning ‘Did Callista Flockheart wear a skirt on this recent season of Ally Mcbeal” – and I recall mentally trying to go back through the episodes I’d seen and seeing only pants.

I never had a clipboard though, just a little book. And lately I’ve been sleeping ok so I haven’t been needing it. So that’s a good thing. But I still think every household should have at least one clipboard.. 🙂

2. Pacian wrote at Nov 10, 2006 at 15:14:
Re. Mugger in Fifth Element

Played by Mathieu Kassovitz, I believe. One of my favourite actor-directors.

3. Diddums wrote at Nov 10, 2006 at 21:56:
Funny, I was thinking of Ally McBeal only today! But I was wondering what sort of daft court cases she would be having now if it was still going.

I know what you mean about keeping yourself awake wondering about things that don’t even matter.



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