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It’s Raining Blogs

In the beginning was the word… like all good novice bloggers, I was searching a lot for other people’s blogs. After a while I got a little complacent with the reads I had, and sat back. Then I thought “but there’s so much out there; what if I hadn’t searched around and found the ones I currently read?”

So I went on the prowl again, sharing my frustrations with you about the best ways to blog-search. Found some great blogs, then came into a rocky time when I should be concentrating more on work, so I sat back again and said to myself “enough! I have quite a full list of blog feeds. I won’t add any more for a while, unless it dwindles because of bloggers giving up, etc.”

Why does this sound like a bible reading? Anyway…

At the very tail end of thinking that, I visited my regular reads and followed their proffered links, and ever since then I’ve been adding blog links just about every single day. I don’t have to search any more; they just fall in my lap! Perhaps I crashed through some invisible ‘blog network’ barrier that makes the difference between finding other blogs and not finding them. It does seem that it’s not the directories that work best – it’s the interblog networks.

I’ve not added them all into my link bar yet but they will find their way there as time goes by.

PS: Totally unrelated question – why do people keep spelling Mombasa ‘Mombassa’? How did that start? I even looked up my little spelling dictionary and it says we spell it MOMBASA. No ‘Br’ or ‘Am’ for ‘British’ or ‘American’… just Mombasa. Unless it’s time I got a new spelling dictionary.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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