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I Lost Two Brain Cells Yesterday

Have you ever misplaced something you bought at the shops? You return home and suddenly think “what happened to the videos I bought in the first charity shop?” and search all your bags, the car, the floor, the sofa and the table, and can’t find them anywhere. You become convinced you left them behind in the place where you had lunch.

“What videos were they?” asked Mum.
“Um… well… Black Beauty and… I can’t remember the other.”
Mum sighed, then asked “are you sure you actually bought them?”

After a pause, Mum said “actually – I think you did. I seem to remember the girl at the desk saying something.”
“She said something when I came in – I don’t remember her saying anything when we were going out.”
“When we came in she asked if you were feeling better. But she said something else when you were buying something.”
“Oh… yeah… I wasn’t really sure what it was she said, but she did say something. And then I tucked the videos into my wheelie bag.”
“So if you put them IN your wheelie bag, how did they get OUT?”
“They would have got out when we went to have lunch – remember I took out the library books?”
“Oh, yeah… well I could ask them at the eating place when I go into town tomorrow.”

Then she added “well anyway, if they don’t have them, it’s only a pound you lost.”
I didn’t reply, but protested inside – “I don’t WANT to lose a pound!”

When I got back to my own house I was still cross, saying to myself “I’m always so careful; I never leave a restaurant without checking for forgotten bags on the chairs or underneath the table. How can one be so careful and still manage to lose something? It’s not fair!”

Sulking, I walked into the sitting room and saw a white carrier bag sitting on the floor by the sofa.
“That looks rather like a bag of videos,” I thought – “but they could be anything, as I’m always buying videos. There’s no way I could have brought any home during the day as I didn’t come home – unless I forgot that as well!” Nevertheless, I felt a surge of hope as I picked up the bag and looked inside – maybe there would be a small miracle?

I pulled out two videos – Black Beauty and Star Trek: Nemesis.
Oh, now I get it! I must have bought these yesterday.

Edit Feb 2008: Comment from when this entry was hosted by Blogigo:

1. Pete wrote at Sep 15, 2006 at 20:12:
LOL I can relate to that



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