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Spider Shadow

Was just reading this post over for typos and there was a loud droning noise – no, it wasn’t me, not this time. “What’s that? A lawnmower?” Looked out my window. “Can’t see a lawnmower and it’s a bit loud. Maybe a plane?” I waited, and suddenly three planes appeared together in a tight group. They were dark planes; one was much larger than the other two and had a very blunt nose.

They’ve just soughed past again, very close – definitely not jets. They might be old planes, or one old plane with escorts. A man walking his dog has stopped to stare up at them. People in the house opposite have come out for a look. Even the cat is looking. Hmm.

Onto other things…

Just now I pulled up a few weeds and took them to the brown wheelie bin and noticed sticky webbing on the handle. I touched the lid and an enormous black spider shadow appeared from nowhere – it stopped me in my tracks! Then I saw the spider itself – a pale brown figure that was fairly well camouflaged, nothing like as big as its shadow. Still, I’m glad I’m not a fly.

I spotted a post from Deep Jive Interests: Paul Stamatiou is My Hero: Makes Backhanded Comment about Metrics – Gets it Right. They have a valid concern that people reading RSS feeds without visiting the actual blogs are not contributing to the blogosphere – I agree, but admit I’m guilty of that as I’m on dial-up and it would take me ages to visit every page I’m subscribed to. Still, if I see something in the feed that catches my eye, I visit the blog and sometimes comment as well. I don’t think the fact that some feeds are partial stop me – whether it’s full or partial, if it doesn’t look interesting, I’ll skip it, but they’ll soon write a post that does interest me, and I’ll visit. While I’m there I can catch the the post that I missed.

Onto a different tack – sometimes I wonder where my blog (or anyone else’s) fits in the scheme of things. Aw Diddums is personal but it’s not ‘just a diary’ – I don’t even consider it a diary, though I suppose others have a looser definition. Nor is it about politics, technology, business, current news, religion, culture, humour, writing, the media… maybe a little from each, all mixed up together in the context of my life.

If I had a blog that was only about Mac software (for instance) I would only link to relevant sites. But then you find yourself looking at a site or directory that says it’s for women – at first you’re delighted, but after a while you realize they only spotlight or link to those who blog about politics, religion, business, technology or feminism.

It makes me think of a newspaper article I saw (can’t find it now) that said they were trying to strike the word ‘housewife’ from the terminology of the Scottish Women’s Rural Institutes (SWRI). They weren’t allowed to, and thank goodness for that. I don’t even consider the word ‘housewife’ as being for married women only, and nor do I see it as something to be hidden under the carpet – either the activity or the word. So when I go to a site that says it’s for women, and it turns out it’s all business stuff that they link to, I feel cheated.

Back to what I was saying… the beauty of not being in any of these specialized fields is that I can spread my net to anything that interests me – so perhaps personal blogs are the glue that bind the rest of the blogosphere together. Small spiders cast enormous shadows.

It gets deeper the more I think about it. 😉

Come into my parlour, dear, it’s time for tea…

Edit Feb 2008: Comments to this post when it was hosted on Blogigo:

1. drifting wrote at Sep 9, 2006 at 01:52:
I love your entries – they’re always so thought-provoking, sensible and, well, interesting. I agree that general blogs such as ours have links to all manner of other blogs and websites which take you on little sidetracks of discovery.

2. Pacian wrote at Sep 9, 2006 at 12:49:
I work hard to ensure that my blog features articles on all four of its title areas – cpace, cats, rockets and ships. To dilute my blog with off-topic content would be the greatest crime.

I saw a spider shadow last night, or rather I could just about make it out beneath the much larger daddy long-legs spider that was twittering over it like a spasming filament hand. It was lovely!

3. Diddums wrote at Sep 9, 2006 at 18:50:
Thanks, Drifting – makes me think of how the hearth is the heart of the home – so maybe the ‘home blog’ is the heart of the internet. Today I followed a link and didn’t just find one interesting blog, I found a whole heap of interesting blogs! I’m still reeling. Will sort them into my linkbar later when I get time.

Pacian, I wonder what that daddy long legs thought it was up to – was the spider after it? I went to try and get the Brown Bin spider to pounce again, but this time it stayed hidden. I wonder if it noticed its own shadow yesterday and thought “dang it – I’m a twit.”

4. Pacian wrote at Sep 10, 2006 at 16:07:
It was a spider of the Daddy Long Legs species, as opposed to a crane fly or a harvestman which are also known colloquially as daddy long legs.

5. kateblogs wrote at Sep 12, 2006 at 11:29:
“and suddenly three planes appeared together in a tight group.”

A similar thing happened here a couple of years ago – in that case the plane in the centre was a passenger jet, and the two flanking it were fighter planes. It was quite frightening because they were so low, no more than 200 feet above the ground. Several neighbours came out of their houses to see what was happening, but whatever it was is a mystery, to this day I have never seen any kind of explanation for it.

Shuuder daddy long legs – I am terrified of them. Don’t mind spiders but ddls give me the creeps LOL

6. Diddums wrote at Sep 12, 2006 at 13:32:
I wonder what that was about? Maybe it was an old and valuable plane. My three were showing off, I think – they went round and round 3 or 4 times before finally taking off. 🙂



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