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Mysterious Character

I imagine the mysterious character I saw today had not the slightest idea of ending up in a blog – though any of us could be featuring in half a dozen blogs, unawares.

When I went to walk the dog, Mum accompanied me, saying she had to visit N for a quick blether. N’s car was out of the garage, with a girl sitting cross-legged in the open boot, vacuuming it. We gave her a friendly glance in case she looked up, but she was hunched over and didn’t look up.

I fetched the dog while Mum flopped in an armchair. When I passed the car again, the girl still didn’t look up. She was dressed in black with long sleeves. Long, curly, rich brown hair tumbled over her shoulders.

It was quite cool and windy up on the hill – after 45 minutes of marching around telling myself I’m bold and happy and not agoraphobic any more, I returned to N’s, thinking “well, the car’s probably back in the garage by now.”

It wasn’t. This time the unknown girl was hoovering the back seat, and still managed not to catch my eye.

I went in and the dog burst into the sitting room ahead of me. N invited me to stay for tea – they must have been waiting for me, so I sat down. About 25 minutes later we left. The girl outside was still hoovering the back seat of the car, not looking up for an instant.

It was surreal.

I waited till we were most of the way home before saying “how long has she been hoovering that car?”
“Must be over an hour now,” said Mum.
“Odd. Who IS she?”
“One of M’s brothers from next door,” said Mum.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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