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A Bike on the Path

I was on the leafy conserved footpath, walking Thundercloud. Going round a sharp bend, I was thinking nervously, “what if there’s a bike? It could be ringing its bell madly and I wouldn’t hear it.” Crept cautiously round – nobody there.

We continued along the path, and after a while I realized if we kept going in that direction, it would be a long, very wide circle back home, and it was too hot and busy for that. It would be better to turn round and go back the way we came, though that’s conceding defeat in dog-walk terms.

Returning round the sharp bend, this time not thinking about it as we hadn’t met anyone along the path up till then… WHOOSH! Bike appears. Not so fast that we weren’t able to avoid each other, but it gave me a start. There’s no point snarking at anybody, though, as it just puts them on the defensive and they’re less likely to admit on any level that they were wrong. Instead, I gave the cyclist a quick smile and tugged Thundercloud out of the way. Yes, Thundercloud was just marching along in confident canine fashion as though nothing was speeding towards us – “nothing can happen to me, I’m Immortal Dog.”

I KNEW that would happen…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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