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A blog post I fell for this week was Blogging Against… um… Deafism? by Pacian of Space Cat Rocket Ship.

Here is a short clipping from it – I will remove it if the writer is not comfortable with the direct quotation:

I am going to argue that deafness is a disability, since it makes some things impossible and some things difficult. But I am also going to argue that deafness is actually a rather mild disability. And here’s where I think my point really comes to the fore: deafness is only so serious a disability in so far as it is so thoroughly discriminated against.

As far as I’m aware, Pacian has no hearing loss himself but he knows from second hand experience what kind of issues arise from it. He is a little worried that he worded his post too strongly, but I rarely see someone describing problems so similar to mine with such gusto and understanding – it was refreshing. I agree with him that even those of us who have had our say against disablism in general are not angels, and are likely to have discriminated against others ourselves. I’m sure I’m no angel and I can’t help understanding (in many cases) why people do ‘this’, say ‘that’, or react in whatever way they react… I don’t think it’s possible to make everybody get along / accept everybody else / understand everything that goes on in other people’s lives. I do my best within my limits, keep an open mind, and hope that others do as well. There are people out there who understand some of the problems we face. Just knowing that makes my day – it really does.



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