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The Grump and the Gremlin

I’m more relaxed about Internet blips than I used to be. Previously, if I was trying to check email or surf only to be disconnected or cut off with a spate of error messages, I was enraged! My suspicion was always that there was a nasty gremlin saying “let’s disconnect that there Diddums, just for fun! Chortle.”

Right now I’ve been chased away with several unintelligible error messages and an unexpected disconnection. Instead of promptly dialling up again (cough) I deleted some of the old mail cluttering up my mailboxes then stared out at the rain. I could check again now, but rather than continue to wrestle with a system that might still be malfunctioning, I should take the chance to get a bite of lunch.

Maybe a soft white roll spread with Dairylea cheese? I could read my fantasy book – The Stone and the Flute by Hans Bemmann. There’s a man in it who can’t speak as others do, but he communicates using his flute. “Is your master dumb?” people keep asking, and his servant responds “yes – or at least, he can’t speak with words.”

After lunch and another chapter, I should walk Thundercloud, rain or not. In this weather I doubt if we’ll be meeting anybody hunting for Morrisons in the woods. Yesterday it must have been a fairy and her child, out for a bit of sun and a laugh.

Where does this conviction come from – that the world is out to get me? I suspect I’m not alone in such thinking. The truth is, the world is only interested in its own problems, and that’s bad enough. I’ve suggested here that I’m mellowing with age, but it’s a slow process. Today I’m calm and reasonable, but tomorrow I could be clawing my way up the walls again. So I have a question. Do people mellow with age – or do they simply resign themselves to fate?



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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