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Supermarket Challenge

A while back I was coming away from the small supermarket next door, both my arms weighed down by heavy shopping bags. I crossed the car park, which was a wide open space – not many cars were parked at the time. A woman in her early 20s turned in and came the other way, carrying absolutely nothing.

She sailed straight towards me without adjusting her course even a fraction, and began to glower. She seemed to feel I should get out of her way, even though I was twice her age and carrying bulging carrier bags.

I posted earlier on this blog how I feel about collision courses – I usually make plenty of room for people. But I wasn’t in the mood to give this character so much as an inch! I remained full steam ahead, and we scraped past each other with a puff of air, neither of us giving way to the other. Just like ships sharing their barnacles.

I do play chicken sometime – with my years and my shopping bags, I might win an outright collision. So it’s worth the gamble.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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