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A Personality Puzzle

I’m still reading through the blogs on disablism – there have been some amazing posts and great blogs. I’m determined to read all of them, but that list expands by the minute! I have to get some sleep now, but I will continue tomorrow, and check to see I didn’t miss any new ones.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a thought about something.

Over a year ago, the BBC carried out a personality survey of the UK population. If I remember right, they discovered that the biggest personality type among those who answered the survey were ‘realists’. Did anybody else see this? My sister did the online survey and was counted amongst the realists. (She’s like Norb from The Angry Beavers – clear-sighted and efficient).

My personality type was Idealist. (“Aw nuts!” as Dag would say).

I got Mum to do the test as well. She’s not so confident with the computer so I called up the site and waited while she answered the questions. She was pegged as an idealist as well.

I said “you didn’t answer all the questions exactly the way I did.”
“Oh,” she said. “Was it the bit about interacting with others you answered differently?”

Yes – I was a little stumped how to answer them. There was the one about how much we talk when we are out with friends. There’s a difference between how much I (with my hearing loss) would like to join in, and how much I’m actually able to. So how do you answer it? A bit of a poser, until you remember that the quiz is about personality, not abilities.

That said, I can’t remember now what answer I gave. It just amused me at the time that in spite of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which was being talked about a lot just then, this nationwide personality test was a little wide of the mark.

Well, it’s easy to pick holes. I imagine it would be challenging (but not impossible?) to write a test that took account of such… er… anomalies. I can’t remember it in any great detail so maybe the test was OK – particularly if those completing it were keeping in mind that it was all about personality and not ability.

I mean, if I go out with friends and feel like getting involved, but they’re talking so hard that I can’t get a word in edgeways… does my silence (and unwillingness to bring them up short, something that’s usually counter-productive) still count as being my personality? After all, it’s how I behave in reality. That’s part of my personality, isn’t it? Is it? Now I’m stumped!

Never mind – it was just a quiz. And I’m still an idealist.

Good night to all!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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