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Phone Books in the Rain

The other day we were discussing phone books. I asked if it was just me, or do the people delivering phone books tend to just lean them up against the front door? I have a cat flap in the front door as well as quite a big letter box, and it wouldn’t have been such a problem to post the directory through either. I wondered if they rang the doorbell to let me know it was there – I don’t hear it if they do, so I don’t know if they do. Added to which, I don’t follow the 9-5 hours of other workers, and have the occasional quiet stay-at-home day. I exit the house by the back door rather than the front door, so I’m lucky if I spot the phone book the same day it arrives.

Mum said they do the same to her – again she’s got quite a big letter box and the phone book would probably fit through, but they just leave it leaning up against her door.

Then she told me about one of her friends (the one who gave me a pot of hyacinths when my cat died). This lady’s phone book was left outside her house in the rain, and there was a gaping hole in the plastic cover… the phone book was soaked right through by the time it was found.

That happened to me too – except that my phone book didn’t just get rained on, it was used as toilet paper by my cats! I didn’t faff about trying to dry out that one – it went straight in the bin.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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