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Magic Teddy Bear

I have a magic teddy – we’ll call him Bear. He says broadcasting his real name would give rival beargicians too much power over him. Bear’s special power is a type of divination – he finds things. Provided it was something you had in the first place, he will find it for you.

Once Mum passed me a magazine and said “please find me that article about stamps – I’ve been hunting for ten minutes and still can’t see it.” With Bear on my lap, I opened the magazine at the correct page and handed it back in three seconds.

Bear has never been proved wrong – not once. Of course, I thought I had him the other morning.
“Where are my specs?” I asked, searching blindly through a thick fog.
“Beside your bed,” replied Bear.
“I just looked there,” I protested.
“Look again,” said Bear.

I obediently checked, lifting books and papers from the bedside table.

“They’re not here, Bear dear” I insisted. “You finally goofed!”
Bear’s ears twitched in annoyance. “I did not goof!” he snapped. “Try again!”
Back I turned – and spotted a blurry shape lying at the foot of the bedside table. I bent and picked it up – it was an empty glass which had been swept unnoticed to the floor.
“Good thing I didn’t stand on it!” I thought. “But I wonder what else got knocked off the table when I wasn’t looking?” I felt down the crack between bed and table, and there they were… the missing spectacles.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Magic Teddy Bear

    1. Hi Ella, my bear’s good opinion of himself has just grown. 🙂 But he’d never forgive me if I sold him. I hope you find a bear the same! There are often nice ones in charity shops looking for homes… sometimes I think they save the best for Christmas, so they might not be on the shelves yet.

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