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Dizzying Realms of Fantasy

In the space of a few heartbeats I flit, between the storm-dazzled room in The Sound of Music, earthquake-rocked Japan in The Ginger Tree (Oswald Wynd), and that beautifully tended street in Desperate Housewives. Or I’m in the island jungle in Lost, waiting expectantly for Jack the doctor to make all the decisions. Or I’m a crew member on board the Starship Enterprise, living a dull, routine existence, watching the officers having interplanetary adventures without me.

I never seem to be HERE, getting on with MY life. There are so many alternative existences, so clear in my mind, that I’m not sure who I am any more.

It’s like those quizzes we can visit whenever we’re bored. Which fantasy/sci-fi character are you? Which Disney princess? Which tree, Christmas tree or flower? What kind of cat; what sort of bird? Who in Peanuts and The Lord of the Rings do you most resemble? Which animal has taken up residence in your personality? And, if you’re really bored, what swear word are you?

I’m Ivanova from Babylon 5.
I’m Pippin, Cinderella and Sally.
I’m a self-willed fig tree, caring lily, and a pure white shining Christmas tree.
I’m a buttery bobolink, and quiet lynx.
I’m three times a snake of shy aspect.
I’m a glowing moonstone or rose-tinted pearl, landed forever with mushroom bears.
I’m not some swear word and haven’t looked to see. Diddums doesn’t turn the air blue (much).

Does anyone go around out there, wondering if they might be me? “You are Diddums!” (“Oh no,” they cry. “I hoped I might be Princess Di”.).


With the help of books and technology, I reach into the fabric of the world and become part of it, or it becomes part of me. I am everyone and everything – but I don’t know who I am myself, or where I might be found.

Two Snakes
Graphic by Diddums, 2006


I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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