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Gone to the Dogs

I thought I was having a break from dogs today! Someone else is walking Thundercloud, and Wee Hairy Dog has gone home. So I headed out to the small supermarket next door.

The intention was to get their special cheapo brand of washing powder, but they had something new that was three times the price. I held back, and got other things instead. A half-price duck for the cats and me, along with other odds and ends. Kept the basket light as I would have to carry it home.

While I was over at the far side of the supermarket, frowning with disappointment at the choice of washing powder, the tinned music suddenly cut out with an audible scrape.

“Ahhmmrgghrh mmmgmmmhh hmmmlb,” said a voice over the tannoy.
With this sort of hearing loss, you hear the voice but not the words.
“That’s odd,” I thought – “they don’t usually bark things over the tannoy here – it’s just a wee supermarket. I hope there isn’t something going on, like a fire, and we all have to leave!”
The tinned music returned, and I thought “nah – more likely they’re not sure how much the toilet paper is, or one of their tills has broken down.”

After a minute, the voice was back.
“Grhmfphrb girn mrhmmagre mn barkurrur,” it said.
“Well,” I thought, I should just pop over there and see what’s going on – maybe there’s a bomb and they want me to leave! It’s stupid just standing here assuming the tannoy has nothing to do with me.”

Cautiously I went round by the tills – a couple was just leaving the supermarket, the doors wide open. They were looking back at something I couldn’t see, grinning. Everybody else had stopped what they were doing and were craning their necks in the same direction – reminiscent of a Giles cartoon.

A man appeared, dragging a yellow Labrador dog by the collar. It didn’t appear to have a leash, and didn’t want to leave. It was probably too interested in the food.
“Ah, so,” I thought, breathing a sigh of relief, and returned to my shopping.

When I took my food to the magazine till (as none of the ‘conveyor belt’ tills seemed to be open), two young men, about 22, were buying about four carrier bags of food. They eventually left, and I bought my food (just one carrier bag). I went out through the automatic doors, and nearly got mown down by the yellow Labrador, which was hurtling around like a missile. For a moment I thought it was going to run past me into the supermarket again.

It turned back, and I saw the two men were standing beside the doors, throwing things for it to catch.

I set off across the car park and crossed the road. A yellow dog ran past me. I looked round and the young men were behind, but angling their path so that they would step onto the pavement ahead of me, rather than behind. I’m always meeting with this assumption from young men that they have a natural right to be ahead, and it never fails to drive my blood pressure sky high. If they wanted to get home in such a hurry, did they have to stop for a game of frisbee in front of the supermarket doors? They could have left well ahead of me – would already be nearly home.

They got past, but not as fast as they would have liked – I eventually stopped so that we wouldn’t have to continue walking neck by neck. Then the dog galloped across the road to interfere with a woman coming the other way; she had a very small dog on a leash. The men called their dog back, but it didn’t respond right away, continuing to rush around like a mad thing.

I got home quite a bit crosser than when I left. I thought I was having a nice quiet Sunday…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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