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Grumpy Old Me

I found a copy of Grumpy Old Men at Mum’s today. I pounced on it with glee, read several chapters, then had to put it down and leave. Never mind – I have a copy of Grumpy Old Women on the desk! It was a Christmas present from Mum, who said I’m a Grumpy Old Woman myself.

It’s definitely a Grump Day for me. I was very tired and didn’t even want to get up this morning, but I had to:

(1) haul myself to town to visit the bank;
(2) travel to Mum’s house (well out of town) for a solitary cheese sandwich;
(3) walk her neighbour’s dog a bit earlier than usual;
(4) trudge back into town again to feed some cats (they didn’t even need a visit as their owner was at home this morning).

The traffic is abysmal and I could never get across the road any time soon. It was a case of three cars up, one car down, two cars up, five cars down… The monotony was occasionally alleviated by a teeth-rattling, bone-jolting lorry, or a bus passing so close you could smell the dust on its churning wheels. Meanwhile, I was getting trampled on by other pedestrians with their dogs and their empty double-decker pushchairs while I hunted desperately for a way to escape across the road.

Every so often there was a really nasty slippy muddy patch even though there was not a spot of rain today. I didn’t fall flat on my face, but I had a feeling some gremlin wanted me to.

It was only 3.15 when I went to feed the cats, but already the day was dimming and there was a feeling of red tail-lighted hurry as though everybody was leaving work and going home – an unsettling feeling when you’re nowhere near home yourself though you would like to be.

Not the best way to spend the day when you’re already tired.

Finally dragged myself home to some hot sweet tea and a cat on my lap (yawning fishily in my face). I’ve been thinking with relief about Grumpy Old Wo/Men – makes me feel I’ve got company out there, even if they probably WERE the other folk I saw today who got in my way!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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