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Watch Your Step

Never mind the Miracle of Birth – the Miracle of Healing is the one! Imagine if we couldn’t heal – we would be a mass of cuts, grazes and breaks, and probably wouldn’t live very long. I won’t remind you about acne either.

At last my injured foot is starting to feel like a foot again. I can go out for a couple of hours’ shopping without it blowing up like a hand of mini-bananas. Sitting in a cafe yesterday with Mum, she told me one of her friends is in hospital because she fell. She’s got damaged fingers, a broken wrist, wrenched shoulder and bashed knee. Sounds excruciating. Shortly before Christmas is a bad time, but isn’t that always when things go wrong? Or perhaps it just seems that way.

What threw me off balance is that I originally thought I had broken toes only, and would be back to walking dogs in a couple of weeks. Not until the days and then weeks crawled past did I realize the whole foot was damaged – lots of bruising with torn muscles and ligaments. Mum told her neighbour I wouldn’t be able to walk the dog again till after Christmas – that’s a 6 or 7 week healing process. It’s unsettling – usually you have an idea how long things are going to take to heal and sometimes it’s quicker than you think.

I suppose I should view it as a kind of holiday, but the loss of funds is not good. I’ve spent so much time at home that my whole outlook has shifted and I see everything from a different angle – a most disturbing sensation. And all of this is because I washed the floor. I should develop a new mantra. Dirt is good…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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