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Malign Presence?

I’ve had nothing but bad luck this month: toothache, bashed hand, Blogigo being hacked, stomach cramps… and, nearly two weeks after falling over a door lintel, I am still at home with a wrecked foot. I thought it would be better by now, but everybody I come across says “ooh, a broken foot – THAT will take ages to mend.” How is it everybody else knows about this? Maybe it’s something that happens to everybody at least once in their life, and you don’t know about it till it happens. The most recent person to commiserate in this way was a retired bomb disposal expert. Cheering!

Because of my forced inactivity, I can’t find much to say on my blog page. Currently watching TV and reading the Elizabeth H Boyer books. Today it’s The Elves and the Otterskin. I made a bear database for my mother to put her teddybear collection on. She managed 10 bears, then had to give up for the night. I did some editing work (foot supported on the PC tower). Slept on the sofa yesterday and didn’t wake till it was dark.

I dreamed that I was in hospital – one room to each patient. It was quite a comfortable place and I wasn’t very ill. I was sleeping in my allotted room but woke during the night to find a woman bending over me – I knew she meant me harm, but she went away because I woke in time. I tried to go to sleep again but was uneasy. Craning back, I looked through a glass panel, seeing the lighted corridor outside, and two women were standing there looking in. The glass was frosted and I shouldn’t have been able to see more than their fuzzy outlines, but to my great shock and fear, I saw their faces very clearly through the glass. One of them was levelling a small gun at me, and when she saw me looking, she mouthed “you cannot live.”

I’ve not looked up my Dream Book yet (ha) but it probably says if you dream something like that you will have a long and happy life. That’s nonsense of course – dreams are so personal, and they’re all about themes, hopes, fears and recent experiences. That dream has a lot to do with my feeling that I’ve had a run of bad luck this month – almost as though there’s a malign presence in the house that’s determined to immobilize me. The dark-haired woman in my dream was probably the Malign Presence personified in my thoughts. And yet it was me as well – how did I slip and break my foot? How did I end up with stomach cramp? Careless habits.

Meanwhile I’m back to waiting patiently for my foot to mend – all my days are the same right now. I have a verse in my head (from a song by The New Seekers) – I haven’t heard it since I was a child.

All my life’s a circle;
Sunrise and sundown;
Moon rolls through the night time;
Till the daybreak comes around.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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