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Which Door . . . ?

I don’t know if you’ve had those dreams about being faced with lots of closed doors and not knowing which one to pick? I don’t think I have, but I faced it in real life a couple of days ago! I’m looking after a cat in a big house. Usually I go round the back, but as there is building work going on there just now, I have been using the front door. I am not used to going this way and felt completely lost the first time I went. I walked into a wide dark hall with wide stairs climbing away, and there were lots of sturdy wooden doors on both sides of the hall – every one of them closed! All I knew was that the cat was expecting to be fed in the dining room, but I didn’t know which was the dining room door.

Part of me feared that I would open a door at random and find someone inside, turning round in surprise…. “Oh, hello, I’m not an intruder! I’m just here to feed the cat.”

I looked round at the doors and chose carefully…. there, that one. Not the nearest, but the light seeping through underneath was brighter. I opened it… there was a sense of movement, and voices, and I thought “well the builders are here? I have to be going in the right direction.” I opened the door wider and saw the cat’s eating area, a big dining room table and also a large bright kitchen. Bingo! First shot. Great sense of relief.

Something like that might be a nightmare in your sleep, but it’s a nightmare in real life as well!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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