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“Aw Diddums,” said my mother when I told her I had an earache.

That night I couldn’t sleep. No matter how quietly I lay, the earache did not stop – it twinged, stabbed, burned. ‘Aw diddums’ didn’t cut the mustard.

That was two nights ago. Today is more of an ‘aw diddums’ day (though you would be pushing it!) as the pain is merely intermittent, taking me by surprise when I’m thinking about something else. I would really rather be thinking about something else, so…

The other day I was having tea at Mum’s. She was watching Sherlock Holmes. I looked at Holmes’s cadaverous face and remarked, admiringly, “how does he get that baggy-eyed look?”
“By living in the same face for a long time,” said Mum.

OK…. I guess that’s something most of us will get to try.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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